"Executed ideas are valuable ideas."

We help curious businesses implementing an outstanding Growth Hacking strategy by providing mind shifting training programs

13+ years experience

My name is Hendrik Lennarz and I´m addicted to Growth Hacking for more than 13 years, now. Unfortunately not knowing, that my job title has such a cool name like “Growth Hacker”.

300+ startups / corporates

As Growth Hacking coach we´ve helped so far 300+ European startups and corporates applying our Growth Hacking process V3.0.

Execute or die!

Our 100 Growth Hacking examples & strategies focus 100% on execution. No bullshit-slides and no boring stories. Our Growth Hacking bootcamps, team workshops and keynotes are a balanced mixture between inspiration and focusing on execution. 

Why Growth Hacking will help you grow faster

Continuous execution triggers Growth!

Sorry, the magic formula of popular Startup Growth stories like Airbnb, Booking, Slack or Facebook is not just one single idea that let them grow like crazy overnight.

10 years working as CTO/CPO for Trusted Shops and 2 years now helping startups and corporates as Growth Hacking coach, let me find out, that it´s even more based on 2 important super powers Growth teams have to learn:

1st: The ability to establish a mindset of instant learning to be a hero in finding & prioritizing new ideas that have the most impact on Growth.
That´s what is called the Growth Hacking spirit.

More about Growth Hacking mindset!

2nd: It´s the ability to stick to a continuous process of planning, executing, measuring & optimizing new ideas in high-speed.
That´s what is called the Growth Hacking process.

More about the Growth Hacking process V3.0

We love seeing our customers growing faster…

Feedback of our customers, bootcamp attendees and users is essential for us to improve our own products and services continuously. Here is an extract of what they say…

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Startup Coach International

„Hendrik helped our team to get a clear view of all dependencies between all relevant Growth topics. Especially the AARRR-Metrics are eye-opening for us, because we can measure user-onboarding campaigns. Most of discussed ideas are take-aways for our operational business, so that we can measure ROI of the Growth Hacking workshop very fast. Thanks for inspiring us.“

Nils-Hendrik Kuha

AXA Konzern AG – Projectmanager Transactional Business

„Very helpful. Hendrik shares more than 100 hands-on tips, how to gain more leads and more customers. Moreover he knows exactly how to engage users to valuable product usage. I recommend Hendrik´s coaching formats to all of our startups and corporates in the growing Startplatz Community.“

Lorenz Graef


In a world where every brand fights for attention, marketers are most likely to keep their best practices to themselves. That’s why I love the concept of GrowthEurope. They enable growth hackers all over the globe to connect and share their best ideas in an empowering environment. Experts and rookies get together in one place, to reach one and the same goal: Become the best at their craft.

Daniela Wassmer

Founder of Qult Media

„Hendrik is so experienced in launching new products. He  loves sharing his best practices and F**k Ups, too. That makes his coaching sessions valuable for every startup, because you can save a lot of time.

Sascha Kampschulte

Startup: MyLivingTree

“The bootcamp was awesome the thing I liked the most about it was the personalised approach. We were a group of six, which gave plenty of opportunities to discuss our own projects and get valuable feedback from Hendrik and the group members. Special thanks for doing the workshop in English Looking forward to the English version of the book.”

Sushkova F.

Joined Bootcamp Berlin

“I would gladly take part again at Lennarz’s Training and highly recommend it The insights I gained are very applicable and actionable. The presentation style is excellent and highly engaging, and it was pleasure to take part.”


Joined Bootcamp Frankfurt

„What an awesome bootcamp in Cologne. For beginners or advanced people – I´m pretty everybody will take some Growth Hacks home. Hendrik is so passionate and positive sharing his experiences, that you will get motivated like crazy.”

Vanessa R.

Joined  Bootcamp Cologne

Keynote Speaker Marketing Englisch

“Hendrik is an amazing inspiration! Visit his live webinar or the interactive boot camp if you want to learn great tips and tricks on how to growth hack your business!”

Rens van Daalen

Joined Bootcamp Amsterdam

Choose your individual coaching format

We inspire people and teams by sharing more than 100+ Growth Hacking ideas for startups and corporates, for B2B and B2C in very detail.
We motivate by infecting teams with the Growth mindset and creating individual Growth roadmaps that get rid of your weak- and strengthen your sweat spots.
We help transforming your team into a high-speed execution engine that grows faster than your competition.


Keynote Speaker

– Inspiration, Motivation and fun
– 100% hands-on
– Track record of 150+ public keynotes / bootcamps

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Public Bootcamp

– Learn Growth Hacking in just 1 day.

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Inhouse Training

– 1-4 days individual  inhouse team coaching (1-4 days)
Team Training with a mixture of workshops and Growth Sprints for instant execution.
(1-3 Months)

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Do you love data?

Cool, that´s one of the major Growth Hacker skills

Workshops / Keynotes



Start with Growth Hacking, now!

Why your mindset matters

Being a Growth Hacker requires essentially not being an expert in only one discipline. You have to focus on each step of the customer journey killing weak- and strengthen sweat spots influencing your Growth KPIs. That´s why you and your team have to learn instantly.
We can help transforming you and your team into T-Shaped Growth Hackers, that execute new ideas, features, marketing campaigns in high-speed.

Was ist Growth Hacking?

Where to start?

The „Growth Hacking process V3.0“ framework serves as step-by-step guide for sustainable Growth. Used by several startups and corporates across Europe.