Growth Hacking Process V3.0

In case you are a freelancer, a startup founder, working for an online-marketing or ecommerce agency or as product- or marketing manager for a small-medium or even bigger enterprise…The Growth Hacking process V3.0 can help you as step-by-step Growth guide to execute ideas faster and continously.

Sorry, Growth Hacking means a lot of work!

Growth doesn´t come overnight. Growth is even more something nobody wants to hear. It´s Trial&Error. You´ll have to test hundreds of ideas to find out which one will kickstart your business. Our Growth Hacking process V3.0 serves as step-by-step roadmap and emphasizes that Growth Hacking is not only Online-Marketing.

Ideate your idea as fast as possible

In the beginning there is the product. What are the real customer needs and how could I find them? What is my value proposition and why is it not to find on my website? (Check your website now ;-)) Why is user experience and user onboarding key?

Build a product people love

Who is my typical target group? Where could I find them? How should I talk to them? What about pricing strategy and offering something for free? How does it work?

Get traction with Online-Marketing 5.0

All of us want to find the secret key to marketing automation, right? But first of all we have to test which marketing channels are the ones with the best ROI? How to optimize them? How to track? What about Instagram, Facebook, chatbot-/video-/influencer-marketing etc.? When is it the right timing to start with SEO or Google Adwords? 

Execute faster than the competition

Your working environment must give you the space to grow. Sounds easier than it is? We know. You´ll get tools for automation, new ways for team collaboration & working agile and all the stuff to implement the Growth Hacking mindset in your company.

Growth Hacking Process V3.0

What the F**k is Growth Hacking V2.0?

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