Why I love telling stories…

„Inspiring keynotes

I had to do my first presentation at the end of the first semester at university in they year of 2001. I got a bad degree, but even good enough to pass. But I will never forget the comment of the professor “Much too emotional…”

Later as CTO and Head of Product management at Trusted Shops I had to do presentations once or twice a week. Internal, external – everywhere. But “Did I inspire my audiences?” No, I don´t think so, unfortunately.

Then, in the year 2012 I had to attend a 6 month leadership training. For the last session, we had to prepare a short 3 minutes presentation about our favorite topic. No slides were allowed. Spontaneous, I discovered something for me, that is called today “Storytelling”. All of the other attendees of the trainings presented something from their business. 

I decided to tell a story, “why my wife and I traveled 2 months through South and central america.” After 3 minutes I got my first standing ovations in my lifetime. Lucky me, not tha last ones The leadership coach came to me afterwards and said “That was the most 3-minutes emotional story, I´ve heard in the last 20 years of hosting leadership trainings. Thank you very much.”

This was my turning point. From this time, I´m just telling real stories. Business stories and examples mixed up with private stories. The message is always the same “How to Growth Hack your life” or “How to Growth Hack your business”.

Until today, I was able to present my stories in front of audiences any size between 5, 50 and 500 people listening. Companies from Germany, Austria, Switzerland, Slovenia, Netherlands and Italy book me as keynote speaker.

What I love most is inspiring people and teams, to start executing their ideas instantly. Private or business, I don´t care – This is up to you.

Yes, I want Hendrik to inspire our audience!

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My favorite keynote topics

The best presentations, the most inspiring keynotes are the ones, who engages their audiences. Instead of just sitting and listening to what the speaker has to tell, it is much more valuable to interact with the audience as much as possible.
In my presentations I try to involve the audience as much as I can. Asking questions and even more using real-life examples that makes them thinking like “Ahhh, yes I know that from myself.” 

There is no better way to explain complex things with real world examples everybody knows, right?
My goal: To inspire my audience to see what is possible and motivate them to start execution immediately.

„What the F**k is Growth Hacking?“

Growth Hacking more than just a buzzword. It´s more about the mindset of teams, how fast they´re able to execute new ideas.

This execution-focused mindset is crucial for success in these days of digitalization. Which Growth Hacking ideas for B2B, B2C, startups or corporates will be successful in the end – nobody knows.  In the world where billions are hanging around on social media and startups disrupt giants over night, we´ve to fasten the sealtbelt and start executing as soon as possible,.

How to setup & lead teams in the digital age?

Every startup, every corporate is looking for new employees, who are able to understand and control the new world of social media, netflix, uber, instagram and cryptocurrencies. Same goes for developers or digital allrounders.  But how to find and to bind them? How a smart use of social media can skyrocket your recruitment processes.

What about “holocrazy organizations, Agile, Scrum and Kanban…” Learn why the way we organize our teams is crucial for your company success.

„Execute or Die“

Execution speed is everything. Everybody of us has way more ideas than, he/he is able to execute in a lifetime.

Learn what we can do to execute faster, fail faster and be more successful in the end. 

For private und business people.

Video example 1

„What the F**k is Growth Hacking“ (GERMAN) – OMDUS 2018, Düsseldorf

Video example 2

„Growth Hacking process V2.0“ (ENGLISH) – Ruhrsummit 2018, Bochum

Video example 3

Growth Hacking is more than Online-Marketing“ (ENGLISH) – Inorbit 2018, Slowenien

Video example 4

„“How to build T-shaped Growth Hacking teams?“ – Agile Day 2017, Cologne / Germany

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My passion is to inspire people with my keynotes and Growth Hacking bootcamps. Shaking up people, teams or whole organizations to start executing instantly is what motivates myself most.

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17th of August – Düsseldorf: “5 Growth Hacks für den  E-commerce.”

Offsite Marketing Club Mainz/Wiesbaden

20th August – Mainz: “What the F**k is Growth Hacking?”

SMXL Mailand 2018

11th of November – Mailand: “5 Social Media Hacks.”

Ruhrsummit 2018

11th of October – Bochum: “What the F**k is Growth Hacking?”

Tourismus Konzil Bodensee

20th of November – Konstanz/Bodensee: “How to Growth Hack Bodensee!”

Google Digital Garage

15. November – Cologne: “B2B Growth Hacking”

12. plentymarkets Online-Händler-Kongress

16th of March 2019 – Kassel, Germany: “What the F**k is Growth Hacking?”

Growth Hacking Egypt

29th – 31st of January 2019 – Cairo, Egypt: “What the F*ck is Growth Hacking?”

1. Kölner Customer Success Bootcamp

5th of February 2019 – Cologne, Germany: “What the F**k is Customer Success Management”

6. Amazon Sales Kongress

27th of June – Frankfurt: “What the F*ck is Growth Hacking?”

Digital Growth Unleashed

18th -19th of November – Berlin/Germany: “7 Growth Hacking Evergreens”

White Label World Expo

6.-7th May 2020 – Frankfurt: “Executeordie: What the F**k is Growth Hacking?”